Our competitive advantage is in our attention to detail, adherence to and understanding of the best industry practices and genuine interest in our clientele’s aviation activity and safety needs whether it is in flight operations or aircraft maintenance or maintenance management; we energize them with the confidence to own and manage a solid aviation operation and aircraft that please the consumer. With our help, you can be secure in the knowledge you have an aviation operation and aircraft that are fully compliant to all local and international administrative regulations and is as safe and efficient as is practically possible.


Our management team hold certificates from globally renowned organisations such as:


  • ATO – Approved Training Organizations
  • ATS – Aeronautical Telecommunication Service
  • FAA – Federal Aviation Administration
  • ICAO – International Civil Aviation Organization
  • IOSH – International Occupational Safety and Health
  • ISO – Internation Standards Organizations
  • USC – University of Southern California



Digitavia Solutions Ltd partners with organizations with missions that complement our services and help us turn our ambitious goals into realities for our clients. We have earmarked the under listed companies and secured a blossoming working relationship with them in order to achieve our goals.

  1. North-west Data Solutions, USA
  2. MCM Airworthiness Consultancy Ltd, UK.