Digitavia Solutions Ltd (or DSL) provides a variety of services that can be used individually or in a combination. We assist aircraft owners or management team by providing services ranging from airline set-up to crew certifications. These services are valuable to aviation companies as they try to navigate through the civil Aviation rules and regulations, keep up with the 21st century customers and at the same time achieve market dominance.

DSL consultancy capabilities covers the following areas:

Economic Licenses (ATL, AOP, PNCF, ATOL)

Economic Certificates are the most critical licenses to obtain or renew for any intending or existing aviation service providers.  The processing of these licenses can be very cumbersome. Whether you are an intending Airline or an existing Airline planning to obtain or renew these licenses our expertise and experience will help you achieve this in a very fast, effective and compliant manner.

Air Operator Certification (AOC)/Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO):

The process for obtaining an AOC/MRO or making a variation on an existing one could be a very complex and painstaking process for applicants dealing directly with the regulators.  It is a labour intensive five-phase regulatory process that could take several months to two years to complete. Our aviation regulatory and industry experience enables us to provide the necessary consultancy service that takes off this pressure from the applicant to achieve certification from start to finish in a compliant and timely manner.

Other Regulatory Supports

Aviation-related regulations and policies are constantly changing. DSL provides regulatory support to aviation service providers and other organizations by providing necessary guidance on drafting responses to new or proposed regulations and policies; developing member guidance; and coordinating testimony or presentations.

Compliance Guidance

Keeping up with changing regulations and policies can become a full-time job for the members of the aviation industry. DSL conducts pre-inspection gap assessments, manual reviews, and other activities related to civil aviation regulation compliance to help ensure operations are in line with the applicable requirements, our experience in writing Statements of Compliance (SOC) to the Nig. CAR will sure be a big relieve to our Nigerian customers that hold or intend to obtain Safety Certificates (AOC/MRO/ATO).

Safety Management System Implementation

DSL is an expert in the implementation of Safety Management Systems based on various SMS models using ICAO SMS phased implementation plan, FAA ,CASA ,Transport Canada models etc.,  including  an initial gap assessments, pre-audit analysis against the standards of any of the preferred SMS models, safety manual development, and emergency response planning assistance.


DSL conducts security-related gap assessments and develops security plans for aircraft operators, airports, or fixed base operators (FBOs) not required to hold a formal security program. This includes promotion of industry best practices for security in the country.


DSL supports aviation organisations and related service providers in coordinating and conducting training seminars, certifications and conferences and as well as drafting, editing, and producing educational publications.